Sixth Annual “Who’s Rack is a 10?”
2023 Amateur Rib Competition

Presented by Ten10 Brewing & Ace Hardware
Benefitting Second Harvest Food Bank

DATE: January 14, 2023

LOCATION: Ten10 Brewing, 1010 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803 (event in surface parking lot behind building on Brookhaven Drive)

Setup: 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Competition Begins: 9:00 a.m.
Open to Public: 11:00 (be prepared for attendees)
Sidecar Contest Judging: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Rib Contest Judging: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Awards Ceremony: 3:45 pm

Grand: TBD
First: TBD
Second: TBD

George Saunders Memorial People’s Choice Award: Prize Package
Side Car Award: Prize Package
Smoke & Fire Award: Trophy


1. Register and pay $150 entry fee at to reserve a parking space (this is your competition area). A chart of available spaces is located on the wall inside Ten10 and on the contest website. Space choices are first come, first served. Entry fee is non-refundable.
2. Attend Captain’s Meeting on Thursday, January 12th 2023 at 6:30 pm. At the captain’s meeting, you will be given your tee shirts and contest ID card for your tent.
3. Pick up a Ten10 beer of your choice prior to the event (32 oz growler fill included with entry fee) and fill out the entry form on how you intend to use the beer in your recipe. Creativity and some amount of truthfulness is suggested.

1. A space in the competition area
2. Three event tee shirts
3. Access to the Smoker’s Lounge, a “contestants-only” area within Ten10 Brewing
4. A 32 oz. fill of Ten10 beer into your growler (if you don’t have one they have some for sale)
5. Tent ID Placard (if your team has a logo please send so we can include along w/ your team name)

1. Arrive at Ten10 parking lot between 6:00 am and 8:00 am on the morning of the event. The parking lot closes at 9:00 am (no exceptions). If you get to the event and someone is in your space please do not randomly select another parking space. See a contest official to get this clarified.
2. Contestants should park in the IBEW Union building parking lot directly across the street from the entrance to the Ten10 parking lot. A contest organizer or Ten10 representative will help you locate this lot if you can’t find it.
3. Bring both the ACE Hardware bucket and the ID Card from the Captain’s Meeting. Attach the ID Card to your tent and place the ACE bucket in a place that is visible to the public. This is where People’s Choice votes will be put so you want it to be visible and easy to access.
4. Teams are responsible for providing their own smoker, cooking equipment, utensils, meat, seasonings, etc. An ash/used charcoal can will be available after the event.
a. Everything required to cook and serve the judges (meat, cooking ingredients, utensils, plates. Uncooked, unprepped ribs will be checked by the contest officials.
b. A 10’ x 10’ tent or smaller and table(s) are suggested.
c. Sanitary items (gloves, wipes, napkins, etc.)
d. Small serving cups and utensils for samples and judged side competition
e. Prep tables, chairs, etc
f. Cooler with ice, if necessary, to store cooking ingredients
g. Any required items for food safety

5. No house power or water will be provided. Generators are permitted but required to be placed out of the guest and competition areas. Private “contestants only” restroom will be available in the Smoker’s Lounge.

6. Each BBQ team should designate one person as Captain who will be responsible for entering their Sides and Ribs into the competition based on the guidelines below. The Captain will be the point of contact for any communication with the contest organizers.

7. Teams may have as many guests as they would like in their designated area and we encourage you to invite people to vote. If you would like material to post on Social Media, please reach out to us.

8. Teams will be assigned an area the size of typical parking space (~9’ x 15’)

1. Judging for the Sides Contest will be “open” during the hour of 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm and you may deliver to the judges at any time during this hour-long period.
2. You will be given a container for your side submission approximately 20 minutes prior to the judging period opening.
3. You may prepare whatever you like for the judges but the submission should be small enough that they can score your entry with one or two bites/tastes.
4. A panel of 6 judges will score the submission and will be rated on the category of TASTE only.

1. Rib Contest Judging will begin at 2:00 pm and end at 3:00 pm. The judging period is open and you may submit your entry at any point during that time.
o Entries received prior to 2:00 will not be judged until 2:00 pm
o Entries received after the 3:00 pm cutoff will not be judged and will receive the lowest available score.
2. You will be given a container for your rib submission approximately 20 minutes prior to the judging period opening.
3. A minimum of 8 separate and identifiable portions must be submitted.
4. Entries may be served sauced or unsauced.
5. No garnish will be allowed in the submission box.
6. A panel of judges will taste and score the meat (see scoring below) in categories and prizes will be awarded to the top three teams.
7. Your rib submission will be scored by each judge in a blind box and in a non-comparative fashion. They will enter scores in three, weighted categories similar to previous, kick-ass-relatively-loose event requirements based on but not exactly like Florida Barbeque Association event. The categories, in are:
o PRESENTATION (“kind of”) @ 10%

1. The People’s Choice is awarded to the team who provides the most entertaining tent during the competition. You are encouraged to be original but remember that there will probably be kids around at some point during the day….so be considerate.
2. You can earn votes by encouraging the general public to go and buy tickets from the Second Harvest tent. Guests can enter your team into the People’s Choice Award by putting tickets into the ACE Hardware bucket at your tent. There is no limit to the number of times each individual can vote.
3. The People’s Choice award will be given to the team most votes.

• Drop off times will be between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM, no exceptions
• Smoker/Equipment pick up will be start approximately 1 hour after judging concludes. We will make a receptacle available to put any hot charcoals or wood. Do not leave in parking lot or grass.

• Ten10 wants to promote interaction between the competitors and the sponsors and make this a fun event. We encourage the teams to setup sampling stations, interact with other teams and guests, pass out your leftovers/extras, dress up your tent/cooking area and make your cooking area as lively as possible.
• Together, we are raising money for Second Harvest Food Bank. Last event, $8,000 was raised and want to beat that number this year! The way we do this is by getting people to the event to buy tickets to vote for the People’s Choice Award. 100% of those proceeds go to Second Harvest and the good work they do in the community.
• No live pigs or other livestock will be allowed in the Event Area.
• If you want a contest logo to promote your team on social media please email Rich at

Click link to provide your team details and pay Entry Fee!